About Us

Out on the Lazy Arrow B Ranch in Valle de Oro, we have many unique and interesting experiences. We have captured a few of these and put them on this website for your enjoyment. Based on these events, Lummy, Benjy's mother, has created the Lazy Arrow Book Series which is for sale on this website. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we have.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This is Windsor. She was born Jan. 2, 2011. She is very cute but demanding. She does not like dairy very much. It makes her very cranky. This is the only picture she is sleeping in. We are excited to have her here and look forward to all the fun times ahead with everyone else.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


It has been awhile since I have been here. I just wanted to update some other things. The storm shelter is finished and has been for awhile. There is everything down there you need to stay safe in a tornado situation. Red, our heeler, had puppies again. If anyone wants one please let me know. We sold a couple of older bulls. They were Big Daddy and Buckskin. We have been busy trying to keep everything running well. Anyway that is all for now. I will update pictures to include how our family has grown including our new addition, our little girl, Windsor.

This is Roger and Karryn's house. I just wanted to show the addition and great porch that was built. Lots more room. They don't live here on a permanent basis anylonger. They do come and visit every now and again.

Manning and Blue

This is Manning and Blue. Both of them have grown so much. We actually have another girl who was born Jan 2, 2011. Her name is Windsor. They all grow up so fast.


This is our sign. We moved it to the side of our entrance. Does it not look good?


These are two llamas that I have put with my heifers. They are nice unless you start messing with the herd. They keep coyotes and other varments away. It is getting where we don't see anything anymore.

Two new bulls added to herd

These two bulls I bought from Fred Griffin Angus. I am excited for these bulls to be used in my herd. They are going to be outstanding bulls.